I smoked cigarettes for 43 years and in 2013 I had the blessing of being introduced to Vaping.  I haven’t touched a cigarette since and it was effortless and my wife lets me Vape in the house because not only does it not stink but smells good, she calls me a walking talking air freshener. I can’t begin to tell you how much better I feel. I want to share this blessing with as many people as possible and for that reason I decided to open The Vaping Vault!

Vaping is not smoking!

Vaping is for smokers, that wish to continue enjoying nicotine at a reduced risk while experiencing an enjoyable alternative to smoking. Upon entering the world of Vaping you may become reacquainted with your sense of taste, smell and renewed energy. At the Vaping Vault we invite you to stop in and sit down at our Tasting Table, please take all the time you need to try all of our USA made Vaping Flavors. The Vaping Vault provides entry level Vaping products for First Time Vapers to high performance products for the Veteran Vaper.

Stay Calm.
Vape On,

Keith Kepler